Our company provides comprehensive electrical engineering services specialising in renewable & traditional power generation, transmission, distribution & supply, as well as hazardous areas. We offer services for the complete life-cycle of a project, and can become involved at any stage to ensure the successful sign-off of a project.   


We undertake engineering and business management assessments to determine for our clients the 'value for money' solution for their projects as well as risk assessment management assessments to ensure that their projects and operations operate at the required level of quality, safety and performance.


Concept & Certified Electrical Designs


From an idea to a conceptual design to a certified electrical design, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the design that meets your project outcomes. We specialise in providing certified electrical designs in accordance with the Electricity [Safety] Regulations 2010 and the relevant standards. 

Our expertise includes electricity generation, transmission, distribution & supply; earthing; network modelling; relay protection co-ordination; SCADA systems; Programme Logic Controllers [PLC]; Telemetry & Telecommunications; and Fault Analysis.  

​Tender Specifications


We provide preparation and issue of tender, tender evaluation & awarding of contract for electrical projects and electrical equipment.


Project & Construction Supervision


We represent the client as the Project Engineer, ensuring that the project proceeds in accordance with the project plan, and trouble-shooting any issues that arise. We supervise the project to ensure successful completion, on time and on budget.


Testing & Commissioning


With almost 40 years' experience in the electricity industry working on a huge variety of projects, our expertise is invaluable during the testing & commissioning of a project.

Inspection & Certification


We undertake electrical inspections and ensure that the project meets the required standards before we issue the Record of Inspection (RoI) for the project.

Lightning Protection Schemes


We design, peer review, inspect & certify lightning protection schemes for buildings, power generation and supply systems in accordance with AS/NZS 1768 (2007): Lightning Protection.  

Expert Witness


We act as expert witnesses in resource consent applications to regional councils & environmental court hearings; insurance claim investigations involving electrical fire damage; and electrical worker disciplinary Electrical Workers Registration Board [EWRB] committee hearings.

Business Continuity Assessments


This business management tool utilises the principles of 'Engineering Risk Assessment' to assist in maintaining business continuity and managing disruption-related risk for an organisation's business dependent on key factors including technology apparatus availabilities, security of energy supplies and transmission routes, and critical process operations. 


We offer clients detailed Business Continuity management studies that outline critical business function, disruption-related risks & events, business impact, contingency plan & capability. This leads to a better understanding and practical ways of protecting ‘Business Resilience’. The applicable Standard is AS/NZS 5050 (2010): Business Continuity – Managing disruption-related risks.

​Hazardous area zone classification, periodic inspection & certification


We offer hazardous area zone design including classification, equipment specification & documentation, as well as periodic inspection & certification to ensure that your site is compliant and meets the requirements of AS/NZS 60079 series: Explosive Atmospheres - Classification, Design, Selection & Inspection.

In-house HV & LV Operational Safety Refresher Training and Practical Assessments


We deliver tailored HV & LV operational safety training and practical assessments to large companies employing registered electrical workers, designers and operators under the license regime of the Electricity Act and Electricity [Safety] Regulations.

Design & Construction Peer Reviews


An engineering methodology process for the detailed review and verification on the suitability, safety and ‘fit-for-purpose’ of the project design [i.e. prescribed limits, modelling or calculations] and works statement construction techniques proposed to comply with the stated applicable NZ Acts & Regulations, recommended & relevant standards, industry guides and codes of practice hand books.

Peer reviews are generally required by City & District Councils and Regional Authorities for Building & Resource Consents and requiring the signing of standard Producer Statements forms from approved Chartered Professional Engineer authors. 


We offer independent peer reviews of electrical designs and project plans.

Engineering Risk Assessments


An engineering management tool used to identify, assess and evaluate the level of risk associated with the likelihood of potential events, leading to understand failure modes and their respective consequences affecting existing and new engineering projects. 


We undertake in-depth engineering risk management studies providing detail on the risk profile, risk analysis, risk criteria, level of risk, risk evaluation, risk treatment & control, and residual risk. This leads to a better understanding and practical ways of creating and protecting 'Value' in conjunction with regular monitoring and reviews. The applicable standard is AS/NZS 31000 (2009): Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines.


Life Cycle Costing Comparison Studies


A engineering assessment tool that compares the modelling of time based incurred costs for two or more considered options by providing a detailed break-down of all the associated project & product costs over its engineering design life cycle i to satisfy an identified need.


We undertake LCC comparison studies enabling our clients to proceed with the best option as well as using the outcomes to support both Value Management & associated Business Continuity & Risk Management report studies. The applicable standard is AS/NZS 4536 (1999): Life Cycle Costing - An application guide.  

Value Management Assessments


We undertake value analysis & value engineering assessments for our clients projects in accordance with the standard AS/NZS 4536 (1996) - Value Management. Our assessments utilise a structured and analytical process that seeks to determine a 'value for money' solution from two or more considered options by providing all the necessary engineered outcome functions at the lowest total cost and consistent with the required levels of quality, safety and performance.